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Provide: professional production, sales and service integration of plastic coatings, hardware coatings, PU coatings, furniture coatings, elastic coatings, UV coatings, and special coatings.

Product details:

It is an economical and practical interior wall coating with the characteristics of easy construction, good adhesion, and strong covering power. The decoration effect is durable, economical, and meets the technical requirements of environmental protection. It is suitable for the decoration of walls, ceilings, gypsum boards, and wood partitions on the interior walls of large buildings such as residences, hotels, hospitals, and schools. Can be used for structural surfaces such as cement, gypsum board, and masonry.

Construction method: roller coating, brush coating, airless spraying

Theoretical paint consumption

12-13 square meters/liter/single pass (dry film 30 microns).

Due to differences in the roughness and dilution ratio of the actual construction surface, the paint consumption also varies.


For the convenience of construction, no more than 20% (volume ratio) of clean water can be used to dilute according to the actual situation (it can be increased or decreased according to the construction feel);

Before use, it should be stirred evenly.


Easy construction 2. Good adhesionStrong covering power 4. Large brushing area

Recoating time (based on dry film 30 microns, 25-30 ℃)

■ Surface drying: 30 minutes ■ Solid drying: 60 minutes ■ Recoating: at least 2 hours apart

Maintenance time

7 days/25 ℃: Low temperature (not lower than 5 ℃) should be appropriately extended to achieve ideal paint film effect.

Construction conditions

Please do not apply in damp or cold weather (temperature below 5 ℃, relative temperature greater than 85%), otherwise the expected coating effect cannot be achieved.


If there is a pause in the painting process or after the painting is completed, please clean all utensils with clean water in a timely manner.


Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place at 0-35 ℃

Safety considerations

Please carefully read the construction instructions in the product packaging label before use to obtain reliable and satisfactory coating results.

Before starting operation and use, try to open all doors and windows as much as possible to ensure sufficient ventilation conditions in the construction area.

If it is allergic skin, please always wear protective equipment during use; If you accidentally come into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water; If the skin is accidentally contaminated and causes sequential pain or irritating sensations, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.

Please do not allow children or pets to enter the construction area and place the product out of their reach. If children are accidentally contaminated, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.

To ensure the best coating effect, effectively separate, cover, and mask the area between wooden products and walls. To better maintain the cleanliness of the construction site and avoid chaotic construction operations, please follow the sequence of applying wood paint first, then applying latex paint after drying.

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