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You need to know about the renovation of old walls with environmentally friendly coatings

With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the improvement of the quality of life, and improving the indoor environment is one of the standards for people to improve the quality of life. In contemporary times, many people renovate their homes a few years later, and renovating the walls is a crucial step. Below is a brief introduction to the precautions for renovating old walls.

The old walls and walls must be cleaned up. Many old walls may crack and be damaged due to their age. In order to achieve better renovation results, the original latex paint and putty layers on the old walls must be removed thoroughly, in order to achieve better renovation results. And the primer on the wall must be done well, otherwise it is easy to cause mold, discoloration, and other phenomena. It should be pointed out that if the old wall is too smooth, it needs to be polished to facilitate the bonding between the new paint and the wall.
The renovation of the wall must pay attention to the issue of color difference on the wall. If it is not a renovation of the entire house, but only a partial repair of the wall

More attention should be paid to avoiding color differences. Therefore, before renovating old walls, it is necessary to carefully choose the color scheme and prepare sufficient materials at once to minimize color differences.

In order to meet the green and environmental standards for indoor environment, attention must be paid to the selection of materials. At present, environmental friendly coatings are the products trusted by many owners. Low carbon environmentally friendly coatings have no odor, do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and can even achieve the same day check-in. In many European and American countries, environmentally friendly coatings have become a common choice for many families, and in China, environmentally friendly coatings will also be the future philosophy of life. So, when renovating old walls, choosing environmentally friendly coatings will ensure indoor environmental protection and the health of family members.

When renovating old walls, it is important to choose a professional construction team. As is well known, the effect of decoration is closely related to the technical level of the construction team. Choosing high-quality materials also requires a professional team to achieve the ideal construction effect. Finally, the renovation of old walls also requires after-sales service and warranty in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The above are several important things to pay attention to when renovating old walls, hoping to be helpful to everyone. In order to ensure the health of family members, especially those with elderly and children, we must choose high-quality environmental protection coatings to improve the appearance of the home, but also bring environmental protection to the indoor environment, so that the family can live at ease.

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